Who We Are

These are the principals, the site’s owners, the people you’ll talk with, ask your questions to and get results from.

Nancy Campana

Nancy has been a professional designer running her own business for 20 years. But creativity has been a natural part of her life since she was young and spent her time drawing, taking photographs, cooking and writing. Her award-winning work ranges from logos for all types of businesses – from restaurants to corporations – to websites and book designs for major publishers such as Harper Collins and Random House. Her designs and branding visuals are recognized for their clean, simple and impactful communication. Nancy lives in Northern California with her husband and daughter.

Martha Warrington

Martha has been running her own web development business for the past decade and has been teaming up with Nancy just about as long. She is also a versatile, accomplished artist: Martha performs as a violist with the Oregon Symphony and works as a professional photographer, specializing in digital infrared landscapes. Martha loves spending time with family and being outdoors as much as possible — where she is often found tending to a large garden filled with fruits, vegetables and pink dahlias.